Aims & Action Plan

This strategy will give a more structured approach to how the three Networks collaborate together in the future.  The aims, together with a number of initial actions are outlined below:

Aim 1

  • To provide effective community support and infrastructure to local communities and people.
  • Build a joint process and effective mechanism to deliver community development support.
  • Identify areas / communities which need additional support and develop ways of addressing these gaps.

Aim 2

  • To create stronger partnerships with statutory service providers for the benefit of local communities.
  • Strengthen relationships between the three Networks and their stakeholders in the public and voluntary sectors.

Aim 3

  • To create better linkages between local communities in building a shared future and ensuring effective local input to Community Planning.
  • Host three community engagement events (jointly) per year on issues and themes agreed by the three Networks.
  • Develop a model and process which enables communities to inform Community Planning.

Aim 4

  • To promote the value of community activity and the three Networks.
  • Co-ordinate / host joint events and programmes which showcase and evidence the benefits and impacts of local community activity.

Aim 5

  • To ensure good communication between the three Networks and community groups and with the local councils and all public bodies.
  • Maintain and develop linked websites for all three Networks.
  • Share details of all partnership and stakeholder development work at each meeting.

Aim 6

  • To create greater impact by sharing existing resources and skills and drawing in additional resources.
  • Develop and publish this joint strategy and promote its aims and purpose to communities, voluntary organisations and public bodies.
  • Submit joint, co-ordinated funding bids in line with this strategy and any future priorities agreed by the South East Community Development Network.

Aim 7

  • To improve each Network by drawing on the strengths and best practice of all.
  • Each Network to share examples of innovative projects and activities that work well to improve our support service.